Dream #16 was sent in by Gail who is an amazing lady in her 60’s with a dream to master the art of Instagram. Gail’s dream is to become an Instagram influencer and teach her skills to other “baby boomers” so that they can make money and make an impact.

Not long after we sent out an email to our DreamFuel Army we received an email from Georgia Allison who runs an online course to help people master the art of Instagram. Georgia was extremely passionate about helping Gail to fuel her dream and reached out with the following message;

“I just saw one of your dreamers, and I would love to help with Dream #16 ! I run an online Instagram workshop for this exact reason – to break down the basics over a 4 day period, so by the end they are an expert ! I would love to connect with her and help where I can.”

This is exactly why DreamFuelling was created – to bring together those with dreams and those who have the ability to fuel those dreams and together make magic happen.

A huge thank you to Gail for submitting her dream and to Georgia for offering to fuel it.

If you would like to know more about Georgia’s Instagram workshop check out this link: Instagram workshop

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