No, not at this time. The Dream Fuelling idea was conceived prior to the current COVID-19
Pandemic, but the need to see dreams become prevalent during this period of time and so we
decided to get it started. Once COVID-19 is over we may request a donation for the opportunity to
turn your dreams into a reality. This would form the basis of the non-profit so that any profit would
go to help fuel the dreams of those in developing Countries.

Not at all. We are not requesting that the public give money to turn a dream into reality. We are
asking individuals, business owners and corporations to give what resources, time or connections
they already have to help to turn the dreams of others into a reality.

By the power of relentlessness and never giving up. As the dreams come in we will be contacting
our network, friends, business owners, media, influencers and whoever it takes to help to turn as
many dreams into reality as possible.

We will also be sharing the dreams that we receive with our Dream Fuel Army via social media, our
podcast and our email to request their help to turn dreams into reality

Right now, during COVID-19 our primary goal is to inspire as many people as possible to not focus
on the negative, but to take this Pandemic as an opportunity to focus on fuelling their dreams
knowing that it is these dreams that will positively impact not just their lives, but the lives of those in
their community and the world.

In a post COVID-19 world our goal is to keep going, to turn 1million dreams into reality. At that
point our focus will be to turn it into a non-profit organisation.

The dictionary definition of a dream is “a cherished aspiration, ambition, or ideal.” This can be

Your dream right now may be to go back to night school to improve your education, get a better job
and provide for your family.

Your dream may be to learn how to play soccer from your favourite sports player.

Your dream could be to start your own business, charity or non-profit organisation or to turn an
idea that you have into a brand new invention.

Your dream could literally be ANYTHING, whatever ignites you or lights you up, whatever you want
to achieve, whatever you dream about as you think about wanting something more for your life.

THAT is your dream. Share it with us and let us help you to achieve it.

The only thing that we can guarantee is that if you don’t dream big, if you don’t share that dream
there you have a 100% chance of it NEVER becoming a reality. Whilst we can’t guarantee that we
can make your dream happen we will do whatever we can to at least try.

Of course we can, with the help of our Dream Fuel army. Plus, we are going to go all out to make it
happen. If we start off believing that we can’t achieve our 1million goal then we have already
sealed our fate.

Feel Free To Ask Us Whatever You Want