Today the DreamFuelling team were completely grateful when Aussie AFL legend, radio show host and king of the “I’m A Celebrity Jungle” posted on Instagram asking his followers to share their dreams and they did, in their numbers.

We have had the most incredible dreams shared with us from all over the world – perhaps you could help us to turn one of our latest dreams into reality? Read on and if you think you can help simply let us know who you can help by emailing and tell us which dream you can help us to fuel?

Dream #3: Evie lives in Melbourne, Australia and her dream is to get her family to Western Australia to see her extended family as her grandma has just passed away and her Aunty has brain cancer.

Dream #4: Nicole lives in the Gold Coast, Australia and her dream is to have her laundry redone as at the moment it has no gyprock on the walls, no sink and is full of termite damage.

Dream #5: Tanya lives in Wyndham Vale, Australia and she is in a long distance relationship and hasn’t seen her partner for 12 months, neither has their son. Due to financial constraints they don’t think they will be able to see each other for some time and Tanya would love to have her partner home for Christmas, or for their son’s birthday in February.

Dream #6: Jacqui lives in Victoria, Australia and she has been made redundant. After being in the same job for 27 years the recruitment landscape looks a lot different now. Jacqui’s dream is for a career advisor or coach to help her to find her dream job.

Dream #7: Jazmin is based in Melbourne, Australia and her wildest dream is to start a patisserie business. Jazmin is a passionate pastry Chef and is currently working and baking from home and wants to grow her business from a small home business to a shop front catering business and “blow everyone’s taste buds”.

Dream #8: Rhiannon is from Victoria, Australia and her dream is to have her wedding reception again as she broke her arm at the beginning of it and missed the whole reception.

Dream #9: We have a dream from a lady in Melbourne, Australia who has told us “My wildest dream is to have normal teeth! All of my life I have had low self confidence and been held back from doing speaking engagements etc due to my teeth. I’m now in a job role I love but again I’m held back from public speaking etc due to my smile & teeth :-(“

Dream #10: We have a dream from an individual in Victoria, Australia who tells us that their dream is to get their mum’s house to a stage she is happy with it especially her front and backyards. This individual’s mum is on disability pension and lost her husband in 2013 who she was a carer for, she has bought up 4 kids of her own and many others along the way. Its been a tough 12 months after losing her 13 year old granddaughter to the flu and life struggles. 

Dream #11: Nicole lives in Melbourne, her son is moving out of the house and her dream is for her son to have a Webber BBQ and an outdoor table and chairs set.

Dream #12: Renee lives in Portland, Australia and she tells us that her dream is simple but is a nightmare. Renee’s dream is to have help with her daughters NDIS application. Renee cares for her parents, is a single mother to her two kids with special needs and so this is a very real and important dream for her right now.

Dream #13: Sally, from Victoria tells us that her dream is to to have an outdoor entertainment area that everybody wants to be at with a netball ring at the end for her girls. Sally explains that “we lost the main man in our lives and he was all about outdoors, so somewhere really cool I can sit and watch the girls do what they love they are 16 and 14”, would be a dream come true.

As you can see each of these dreams are special and important to the individuals to which the dreams belong and we would like to turn as many of these dreams as possible into reality.

If you can help with any of these dreams please email – it would be fantastic to hear from you.

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