Sean has spent most of his life teaching the art survival, in far corners of the Earth. After becoming an anthropologist he was invited to teach survival in the Antarctic and fell in love part of the world.

Sean, commonly known as Captain Antarctic, has been deeply saddened to see the impact that climate change has had on this stunning region and is deeply concerned about it’s consequences. Sean reach out to DreamFuelling to tell us about his dream to fly to the Antarctic, in an electric plane, to raise awareness of the impact of climate change on the area.

Our DreamFuel Team Reflections:

The DreamFuel team were deeply inspired to see Sean’s dedication and passion to raise awareness of, what we have now started to appreciate, is an incredibly beautiful area and we want to do whatever we can to help to turn this important dream into reality.

Can you help to turn this dream into reality?

Perhaps you are someone who equally has a passion for the Antarctic, maybe you have an electric plane and would like to join Sean on this journey and adventure, or perhaps championing the climate change cause is equally a passion of yours.

If you believe that you could help Sean to achieve is Antarctic dream in some way please email us on and we will put you in touch with Sean.

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