Mark Bowness and the DreamFuelling team are constantly inspired, challenged and in awe every time a dream drops into our inbox. Not only is the reason behind every single dream so important but as we start sharing each dream more and more of the growing DreamFuel Army are coming forward to help make these dreams happen.

So, why don’t you read out latest five dreams and see if you can do anything to help out. Simply email us on if you can:

Dream #18 Rich in Canberra responded to our “Mountain Biking Dream Offer” with the following: Being 42 and only riding for 18 months (3 of those with a broken wrist) I dream of being competitive (albeit at a masters level) and would love some coaching to get there.

Dream #19: Hayley, Geelong, Victoria contacted us with this dream;

“My dream is to start a Care Farm for children and teens who are disadvantaged in any way, have mental illnesses or have experienced family violence. Also to make this house a safe haven for many foster children. This is my personal dream that will benefit the community significantly. My plan is to have an abundance of programs that can cater to each individual to help them mentally and socially. Mainly helping children from Geelong, Werribee, Melbourne and surrounding areas. Building a variety of relationships with professionals such as teachers/schools, foster companies, DHS, psychologists and care workers. 

I am currently a Primary School teacher and I can see the children who fall through the cracks. I want to help these children and give them the opportunity to have something that is special to them and helps them find their passion in life. 

I would give anything to make this dream come true but money is a massive obstacle for me. The DreamFuel Army would make my life complete and the lives of countless others. My fingers are crossed.”

Perhaps you have a similar dream, maybe you can help with running programmes or perhaps you have a property that may be the perfect location to fuel this dream?

Dream #20: Ryan, from Balnarring, Australia contacted us to let his dream is to have a beer with Alf Stewart and Tim Croydon.

Do you know Alf or Tim, perhaps you can help us to make contact with them on behalf of Ryan?

Dream #21: Kayla, from Melbourne contacts us with her dream:

“Just to be able to afford a new car to take my 6yr old places and be able to do more adventures with her.”

Sometimes new dream cars can be the cars that others hardly use. Or, perhaps you run a car showroom or maybe you are the Managing Director of Tesla… whoever you are, whatever spare car you have, perhaps you can help?

Dream #22: Jacinta from Melbourne, Australia shared with us her deeply personal dream which is;

“To be closer to a house deposit, I was made redundant from my job due to covid19 and was told by my former company that I would get jobkeeper which in turn, due to being made redundant, meant I was no longer eligible. I have an eight month old baby who we spent thousands to conceive through infertility (medications) and he is our miracle. We rent and are struggling really badly. My fiancé works two jobs and that’s just to keep our heads afloat. Any financial benefit would be a dream for us, we need something to go right. Please help”

Can you help Jacinta with her goal of a house deposit? Remember, the goal of DreamFuelling is to provide what you have, not to offer money. Perhaps you have a creative way of helping Jacinta to achieve her dream?

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