Once again, over the last 24 hours, we have had well over 100 dreams come into DreamFuelling HQ. We are always completely blown away and humbled at the stories that are shared, the lives that we are let into and the hopes and dreams that people have.

Read on and if you think you can help simply let us know who you can help by emailing dreams@dreamfuelling.com and tell us which dream you can help us to fuel?

Dream #14: We received the following inspiring dream that we would seriously love to help;

“My number 1 dream and priority at this time is to be able to take my family, especially my mum on a possibly last family holiday. My mum is the most incredibly loving, caring, selfless person. She & my father the full time legal carers of 5 of my nieces and nephews, and at the end of last year was told the most heartbreaking news that she has stage 4 bowel & liver cancer which has now also spread to her lungs. She’s doing well considering and is undergoing chemo therapy but has been told there’s no coming back from this and it will be just looking forward and hopefully pro longing her life as much as possible. She has always cared for everyone else in our family & helped me whenever I need and at the moment I feel helpless to her and I know the one thing she wants is to go to the Gold Coast with my father and her grandchildren and my family and I am determined to make this possible as soon as it’s safe to travel again and I would be so great full for any help that you may be able to give and if not I’m great full for you just trying! Thanks for taking the time out to listen to my story & my dream and I understand this might be asking a lot of maybe not the kind of dream thats suppose to be asked for but I’m giving it a go anyway.”

Do you have a holiday home in the Gold Coast? Perhaps you can help.

Dream #15: My dream is for my sister to have a treadmill so she can get her fitness back in order after her 6 year old was diagnosed with cancer and it would be amazing for her to have something at home so she can get some good endorphins whilst she has been going through this crazy time.

Perhaps you own a gym? Or are a stockist for gym equipment? Or maybe you even have a treadmill that you simply don’t use any more?

(DreamFulled) Dream #16: My dream is to learn to be so fabulous at Instagram, so I can teach it to my age group (60,’s) who can make a living from it. I would love to learn this and help other baby boomers.

Perhaps you are an Instagram expert, or have an online Instagram programme that you could give this inspiring lady access to?

Dream #17: Here is a dream from one lady in Geelong, Victoria, Australia;

“We have been wanting to have a fence installed at the front of house for such a long time. Since Covid, my husband has been out of work and I work only part time. Our little daughter is now running around and loves to play in the front yard. We need a fence to keep her safe!”

Perhaps you own a fencing business and could help this lady protect her daughter by helping to install a fence?

Let’s make some dreams happen.

Mark “Dream Maker” Bowness

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