About DreamFuelling

Mark Bowness knows what it’s like to hit rock bottom, at the age of 26 years old, his marriage ended and he attempted to take his own life. Mark woke up in hospital with a profound understanding of how precious life is, that we live life once… and so he made a decision to pursue his dream life.

Mark created a business idea to lease a remote 200 acre island in Fiji that had nothing on it and invited the world to become tribe members with the dream of building an eco-island from scratch.

Mark shared this dream with as many people as he could in the hope of making it happen – TV producers, investors and book publishers, each telling him it was a great idea but not giving him the opportunity to pursue his dream.

With absolutely no money whatsoever Mark knew that it was up to him to turn his dream into reality and so he pulled together a team, found and secured the lease of Fijian island on the basis of a promise that he would make it happen. Mark knew that if he followed his dream it would change his life.

Only 3 months after his suicide attempt Mark’s business was featured in 200 media outlets all over the world, became a TV show in 3 countries and secured a book deal. 

Mark has had success and failures in his personal and business life but each time he has bounced back with a strong belief that it is only through pursuing our dreams that not only do we change for the better, but so does the world. 

The goal of DreamFuelling is to turn 1million dreams into reality by bringing together a Dream Army who will share their wisdom, time and resources in order to turn these dreams into reality. 

DreamFuelling is set to become a non-profit organisation to raise as much money as possible to invest into the lives of those who need it most, to invest into the lives of those whose dreams fulfilled would change the world, starting with their own.

We want to hear from you if;

  • You have a dream that needs to be fuelled – a small goal or a big dream that you would like to turn into reality. The only condition is that your dream has to improve your life, the community or the world in some way. 
  • You are inspired to become a part of the Dream Army to help as many dreams as possible to become a reality. Perhaps you have time, resources or contacts, or quite simply you are willing to share our dreams across social media to see which of your friends maybe able to help out. The more people who register to join our DreamFuel Army, the more dreams become a reality and the more good we do in the world. 

In our life time, there has never been a time more than now, that the world needs to see Dreams turned into reality.

Feel Free To Ask Us Whatever You Want