We are, in human terms, still a mere baby and yet we have hit our 5th dream fuelled (okay, so, yeah, our goal is to fuel 1million dreams, but nothing is going to stop us!)

Early on in our launch we had the world no.80 tennis player Laslo Djere reach out to offer a 1:1 zoom call with an aspiring professional tennis player and a young aspiring tennis player, Carson Baker, reached out to say that this was his dream and yet he was struggling to keep focus.

It was clear that Carson had done well with his tennis goals to date but needed that extra support, advise and insight to motivate him and so we thought we was well deserving of having his dream fuelled.

Earlier this week Carson had his live Zoom session with Laslo and gained inside wisdom, knowledge and strategy on how to improve his game and keep focused on his sporting goals whilst only being 14 years old.

We are working towards a podcast to interview people who have had their dreams fulled, to see a bit of the behind the scenes of these experiences.

Only nine hundred ninety-nine thousand nine hundred ninety-five dreams to be fuelled.

#LetsDoThis #DreamFuelling

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